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In order to resolve its clients’ cross frontier and international problems, the Floyd & Associés firm has contacts with independent overseas firms sharing the same profile as regards quality of service and proximity. The Firm has either met these best friends firms when working together on cases or have selected them as being the best in their field of specialisation and for their geographical location.​

The Floyd & Associés firm is part of an international dynamic process on account of its cross cultural background, its experience and /or the professional experience of its lawyers. Its ambition is to assist and to advise its French clients who have forward looking projects of an international nature and its overseas clients doing business in France.



The Floyd & Associés firm is part of the IR GLOBAL network:

it has been appointed as the exclusive member for France for “Franchise and Distribution”.

IR GLOBAL is the largest multi-disciplinary network in the world comprising, in addition to accounting and financial professionals, experts in law acknowledged for their excellence in their own particular field of specialisation. IR GLOBAL selects one sole member per discipline and per country so as to ensure an integrated network comprising the best specialists able at global level to give clients customised advice on the most complex issues.

IR GLOBAL today comprises more than 1000 members in the world operating in more than 155 countries and covering more than 70 specialisations in the fields of law, accountancy and finance.

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